Join us for our on-line worship service on Sundays at 10 am on Facebook or YouTube. If you miss the live broadcast, you can see it later under the WORSHIP navigation menu. Regular worship services will resume when Public Health gives the all clear.

Our Mission

God calls us to practice the compassion and love of Jesus Christ, locally and globally, in risk-taking mission and service and to nurture a diverse and thriving church family where all people of every ethnicity may worship and serve God with joy.


It is outward focused, calling us to practice Christ's love - wherever there is need, both locally and globally.

It calls us to engage in risk taking mission. This is not a call to recklessness, but recognizes that there is always a cost to mission. We engage in mission without any guarantee and irrespective of return. We serve because there is need.

It recognizes the growing diversity of the present congregation. There is room for people from every land and culture in this church. We welcome them as a blessing to us, and as a microcosm and sign of the reign of God.

And as a Christian family, we worship God, and serve him, and it is our prayer, that we may do so with joy.