COVID-19 Update-March 14, 2020

March 14, 2020

Dear friends,

We are indeed entering into uncharted waters with the spread of COVID-19. It seems that even on an hourly basis we are being given new information and most of it is daunting and not to be taken lightly.

  • The droplet area for this virus is about 6 feet and that is how far we should be from other individuals. This will be difficult to enforce in a worship context with adults and children
  • This is a disease which is spreading exponentially, and the smaller size of any group which is gathering is not of consequence in limiting its spread
  • We do not wish to put vulnerable people at even greater risk
  • Someone in the medical field has intimated that there may be hundreds of undiagnosed cases in KW right now
  • If there should be an unfettered spread of the virus in KW, the impact on our medical system will be profound and they will have a hard time keeping up with the demand for care.

For these reasons, we have revised our earlier decision and will be cancelling the church service for Sunday, March 15. We will seek to make available a video version of the worship service either on the website or on our Highland Baptist Church Facebook page at 10 am. Our hope is that services will resume on April 5, but we will follow the guidelines and advice we receive from Public Health.

The church office will remain open, and the church staff will be available for any pastoral needs. Your health and needs are of paramount importance to us. Please let us know of any needs you may have or of the needs of others.

With our love and blessings,

Das Sydney                                                                          Sandie Hurlburt

Lead Pastor                                                                          Chair, Vision and Leadership