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You are not alone!  We want to help and journey with you as you finish parenting your teen into adulthood.
  1. We want to help you in the home
  2. We want to help you beyond the home!

Here’s how:

As the primary care giver of the teen in your home, you are in a very unique position.  Even though you don’t have the most amount of face time with them in a day or week, you are the one constant that they’ve had in their lives.  Friends, neighbours, teachers, classes, schools, etc, all change.  But you remain the same.  For over a decade, you have remained with them.  That is awesome.  But we know that as they grow, they change so much, and with each new piece of technology that is released, it can feel like they are drifting further and further away.  But rest assured, there is hope! We want to provide you with resources, research, links, tips, and more as you try to engage your teen in their life and as you journey with them on their faith walk.  Yes, it can sound scary, but it is possible, and that’s why we are here to help.

Beyond The Home:

Being a parent is hard work, even when you have a load of resources.  We recognize that you need more help then quick links and ideas.  That is why another way we partner with you is beyond the walls of the home.  Highland Baptist provides programming that is dedicated to providing opportunities for teens to explore faith and encounter Jesus Christ.  That may look different from week to week or year to year, but this is what we do.  Our plan does not entail either of us passing the buck onto each other.  Our plan does not say “hey caregiver, here are some resources, fix your kid,”  nor does it say “Hey Pastor, here’s my kid.  Fix ’em.”  But rather our plan is one of partnership. We want to provide you with what you need in the home to set you up for success.  We also want to provide you and your teen with what they need beyond the walls of home such as: other positive adult influence; empowering teaching; meaningful peer relationships; life changing experiences and opportunities; and more.

How Will This Partnership Look?

First, let us know how we can contact you.  We want to keep you in the loop on what is happening.  You can ask for email updates (see below), follow us on Facebook, or sync the Youth Ministry Calendar and never miss a beat!  We would like to tell you what we will be doing at youth group prior to the actual day.  That way, if you have any questions or concerns, you can get answers before youth group night.  We will also provide you with suggested follow up questions and activities to do at home from our Download Sessions and Retreats & Lock-Ins, to help their faith stick. Second, every other week, we will publish, post, or link a resource that will help you connect, communicate, or share faith with your teen.  You can also request a resource that you need, and we’ll bump them to the top of the list.  An email notification will be sent to let you know that it’s ready for you – just remember to sign up below. Thirdly, tell us if the programming is meeting the needs of you and your teens.  It’s impossible to create an every-size-fits-all program.  We know that.  So if there is a way we can make some tweaks or alterations to meet those needs, we would like to try. And lastly, we want you to know that you’re not alone!  So come on out to our Parents’ Night for a night of encouragement, refreshments, and communication with the Youth Pastor.