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he Upload program gives teens a chance to upload  Jesus to the world.  In an age where information is everywhere, there is no longer a difference between knowing and not knowing.  With a few swipes of the finger, teens can have answers to anything they need, anywhere they are!  But one thing that teens cannot get from their smartphones are experiences.  Plus, in an era where society no longer upholds the Christian values that it was once founded on, teens are forced to forge their way through all the noise of countless opinions being thrown upon them.  They are looking for a life and a faith that is worth living – something that makes a difference to them in their lives and in the lives of the people around them.  And that is where Upload comes in!

Upload provides opportunities for teens to try, practise, and explore faith in service in order to see if Christianity is a faith worth living.  It gives them chances to experience faith in action, and not just read it on their screen.  It is a safe place to see where and how their gifts and passions can be used in the church and beyond.  With coaching and teaching along the way, teens will be given all the tools they need to give something a try with confidence.  AND what’s really neat is if something doesn’t really work for them, there are no hard feelings.  Trying your hand at something is NOT a long term commitment unless you want it to be!

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Day Camp (week long in August)
Serve Week
Worship Band Member
Worship Band Leader
AdventureLand Teacher
AdventureLand Assistant
Thanksgiving Food Drive – Flyer Handout
Thanksgiving Food Drive – Canvasing
Prayers of the People
Time with the Children
Elevator Operator
Welcome & Opening Sunday Morning
Sound Tech
Video Tech
Writing Encouraging Cards to Shut-Ins
Coffee Hour
Special Events
Your Own Ideas
And More !!!