Indigenous Peoples


We are committed to reconciliation with our Indigenous sisters and brothers.


In 2016 we hosted Resetting the Relationship, a conference designed to help us on the way forward. We are grateful to our Indigenous speakers who, out of love and their desire for reconciliation, shared with us firsthand of their experiences and their perspectives.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings also gave birth to 94 Calls to Action. Some of them deal directly with Canadian churches and faith bodies. We were grateful to hear the response of Baptists, nationally and regionally. 

In Canada

We are deeply concerned about First Nations and our relationship with them. We acknowledge that they were in North America long before it was “discovered” by Europeans.

In Canada our treatment of indigenous peoples has been clouded with prejudice over many centuries of history. They have been viewed as a lesser breed, and not worthy of the benefits we as Canadians take for granted. We have reneged on our treaty arrangements and in every respect, they have become the “inconvenient Indian.”

There are issues of justice and what it means to love our neighbour. Our misunderstandings run very deep and the way forward will take much effort, compassion and right thinking.