Our Approach to Worship

We want very much for our worship services to be relevant and meaningful to all who worship at Highland. To this end, our services are continually under review. 

On Sundays, our 10.30 am service is traditional for the most part and meets in the sanctuary. The 9 am service meets in the gym and is generally more contemporary, with praise music, and a low key presentation of the message. 

At both services, people can expect to be welcomed and greeted with warmth and friendliness. Whether you are a newcomer to worship in a Christian church or a long time member, our aim is that you will be treated with respect, and made to feel comfortable and at home. We hope that your experience at Highland will reflect the kind of God we worship, a welcoming God filled with love and kindness. 

The 9 am was for us an experiment, and we are presently reviewing its time and venue.